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TapouT XT and Mike Karpenko featured on the Dr. Oz Show! Dr. Oz sits down with Mike to learn about the most extreme home fitness program on the planet, and will interview two amazing TapouT XT weight loss transformations.  Dr. Oz also takes his best shot at an exclusive Dr. Oz TapouT XT workout with Mike to see if he has what it takes to Come and Get It. Watch the show airing January 24th and 31st and get some inside tips about how to change your life with TapouT XT.

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Shelly Prieto


Before TapouT XT I weighed 265 lbs., wore a size 24 pants, 2XL and 3XL shirts and I cried when it came to getting dressed. I would put myself down almost 24/7 because I was overweight. TapouT XT was originally for my husband but after he started doing it I saw his results and said maybe I should try it. I've gone from 265lbs to 168lbs. I have gone down from a 24 to a size 10. That is 14 sizes! I would have never thought a year ago you could have told me I would be 14 sizes smaller. I have two little kids and I thought life was just going to be the way it was but I am so glad now because I got my flat stomach back. I have so much energy and couldn't even explain how happy I am to be 14 sizes smaller. Thank you TapouT XT.

*Results may vary. Completed more than 1 round of TapouT XT.

97 lbs!



One thing I always say is “nothing that is worth it is ever easy.” And another one I use a lot is "If you are tired of starting over, stop giving up!"

*Results may vary. Completed more than 1 round of TapouT XT.

115 lbs!