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Free Tapout T-Shirt

Congratulations on completing your 90-day TapouT® XT challenge!

By sending us your "before and after" pictures, you can receive an exclusive "Earned with Sweat" TapouT XT T-Shirt. These T-Shirts are never for sale, they can only be earned with sweat! You can redeem your free T-Shirt in one of three ways.

You can use the convenient form below and upload up to four photos. You can email a completed Earned With Sweat T-Shirt Form with your photos and your proof of purchase or your order number to Or you can mail your photo and completed form to:
ATTN: TapouT XT/Gina
28355 Whitherspoon Parkway
Valencia, CA 91355

Want to get your FREE "Earned with Sweat" TapouT XT T-Shirt? Just complete this form entirely! Don't forget to take your "before" photo to keep you motivated as you achieve extreme results. Send us your "before and after" photos for a free TapouT XT T-Shirt after your 90 days are done. You may be featured as a TapouT XT Real Success Story on our website, Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest, or YouTube Channel.

Tips for Taking Your Photo

Wear form fitting clothing like swimwear, shorts or athletic gear so that your stomach and other exposed areas can show your extreme transformation.

Don't suck in that gut! But don't push it out either. We want to see the real you. For the men- it is OK if you want to go shirtless to show off your ripped TapouT Abs. Take your photo standing straight forward, then another with a side angle. Send us your "before and after" photos and don't be shy to show your results.

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If you don't have your order number, you can upload picture with your TapouT XT kit, a copy of your credit card statement or your confirmation email!

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