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Bobbi lost 100 lbs with TapouT XT Workout Kris lost 88 with TapouT XT Workout Monet lost 38.5 lbs with TapouT XT Workout Carly got ripped with TapouT XT Workout Mike lost 45 lbs with TapouT XT Workout Kelly lost 40 lbs with TapouT XT Workout Drew lost 34 lbs with TapouT XT Workout Christina got ripped with TapouT XT Workout Joel lost 45 lbs with TapouT XT Workout Mary lost 21 lbs with TapouT XT Workout Sean lost 20 lbs with TapouT XT Workout Susan lost 4.5 inches off her waist Steve lost 30 lbs with TapouT XT Workout Frida lost 18 lbs with TapouT XT Workout Delana lost 30 lbs with TapouT XT Workout Ann lost 17 lbs with TapouT XT Workout Sam lost 18 lbs with TapouT XT Workout Jason lost 82 lbs with TapouT XT Workout Jared lost 82 lbs with TapouT XT Workout Shelly lost 97 lbs with TapouT XT Workout

Tapout XT Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it when it comes to the results of TapouT® XT. Check out the words, photos and videos of real people who've put TapouT XT workout videos to the test and succeeded in transforming their bodies and their lives. Just like them, you can use the TapouT XT MMA workout videos to help get you the body you've always wanted. These are real people sharing their real results. If you are already reaping the benefits of this sweat-drenching, calorie-burning MMA workout video and want to share your transformation with us, we invite you to join in. Share your before and after photos, and get a free TapouT XT "Earned with Sweat" T-Shirt.



Lost 115 lbs in 7 MONTHS

age: 34

One thing I always say is "nothing that is worth it is ever easy." And another one I use a lot is "If you are tired of starting over, stop giving up!"



Lost 97 lbs in 9 MONTHS

age: 23

Before TapouT XT I weighed 265 lbs., wore a size 24 pants, 2XLL and 3XL shirts and I cried when it came to getting dressed. I would put myself down almost 24/7 because I was overweight. TapouT XT was originally for my husband but after he started doing it I saw his results and said maybe I should try it. I've gone from 265lbs to 168lbs. I have gone down from a 24 to a size 10. That is 14 sizes! I would have never thought a year ago you could have told me I would be 14 sizes smaller. I have two little kids and I thought life was just going to be the way it was but I am so glad now because I got my flat stomach back. I have so much energy and couldn't even explain how happy I am to be 14 sizes smaller. Thank you TapouT XT.



Lost 88 lbs in 6 MONTHS

age: 44

Yes, I did have a line of inspiration that I kept telling myself. "We are what we repeatedly do" – Aristotle. I resolved that I wanted to be fit and healthy and in the best shape of my life. So, I remembered this quote from Aristotle and I repeatedly put my Tapout DVDs in every day without ever skipping a workout.

Frida Silva
Frida Tapout XT Success Story Video

Frida Silva

Lost 18 lbs in 90 days

age: 35

TapouT XT got me completely "ripped" in just three months. TapouT builds muscles, burns calories and gives you an insane cardio workout simultaneously without using weights, machines or any equipment! You never have to worry again if it is "cardio day" or "weight lifting day", because TapouT XT incorporates it all! It is really the most complete workout system.

Mike Karpenko is an absolute inspiration as well, he pushed me far beyond my limit every day always leading by example and bringing his incredible energy. The exercises are brilliant in how he incorporates all the different muscle groups in a fast pace, fun setting. Mike is a trainer who is fully dedicated to his trade and has many years of experience. He is passionate about what he does and about his clients and now he gets a chance to share his powerful knowledge with millions of people. I am proud of Mike and I am proud to be part of this incredible product and I am most of all proud of myself for full heartedly letting TapouT into my life and my body which now looks ten years younger.

Monet Castaneda
Monet Castaneda Tapout XT Success Story Video

Monet Castaneda

Lost 38.5 lbs in 90 days

age: 43

I am 43 years old and with TapouT XT I lost 38.5 pounds. I've done other programs and I've never seen this kind of result so quickly and smoothly without starving myself or over exercising. I did not realize I was just 90 days away from such drastic changes in my body with no weights and no 2 hour workouts. TapouT XT taught me how to eat by balancing my carbs, proteins and fatty acids.

Sean McCracken
Sean TapouT XT Success Story Video

Sean McCracken

Lost 20 lbs in 90 days

age: 31

Before TapouT XT my body was average- nothing special. After Tapout my body is ripped, built and I feel the best I have ever felt in my life. For once in my life I wanted to have a 6-pack and now I have it. Tapout got me excited about working out. I thought TapouT XT would be a program to get my body fit and make my body strong. I did not know that it would change the way I look and make me look younger.

Christina Bikini Body Tapout XT Success Story Video

Christina Sthair

Got Ripped in 90 days

age: 22

With TapouT XT I got in the best shape I have ever been in my entire life. I feel toned, energized and confident in my swimsuit. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and worked hard for the body I always wanted and now I get to show it off.

Mary Galante
Mary Galante Tapout XT Success Story Video

Mary Galante

Lost 21 lbs in 90 days

age: 41

TapouT XT is the workout program that every other workout program will scramble to imitate. It mixes high intensity cardio with Plyo moves, strength training and kick boxing moves. Everything combines in a series of rapid fire workouts to create an incredible feeling, and an incredible looking body. I always believed that to obtain a sexy, strong, fit body it must take 2-3 hours daily at the gym and an expensive personal trainer, consistently, for a minimum of 2 years or more. I didn't have the time or the inclination to work that hard, even though I had a pipe dream to have an awesome, fit body. If someone said I could be in fantastic shape with an incredible body in less than one hour a day and it would only take 90 days for me to get there, I'd have laughed and told them they were full of it.

Well, someone did tell me that, and I did laugh at them... and then I took a leap of faith because I was at a point in life where I was tired of being chubby and exhausted, and looking fat and having clothes not fit and wondering if I was just doomed to have flabby arms, fat thighs, a roll around my belly and a big butt that forced me to go up a size every year. I was a single mom at 40 and I felt old, fat and flabby long before I should have.

I decided I was either going to prove that TapouT worked or that it was a total sham to believe a body could completely change and become solid and muscular and fit in 90 days. I tore pictures out of magazines and taped them to my mirror to show myself the body that I always wanted - not skinny. I didn't want to be just thin. You can get thin by eating much less, and not exercising much. I wanted to be FIT, STRONG, and TONED. I wanted arms that didn't flap, and muscles that showed. I didn't want a flat stomach - I wanted ABS, and wanted them without flexing to try to find them. I wanted legs that I could wear shorts with. (I NEVER wore shorts before.) My knees were chubby and my thighs were thick, so I wanted toned, tight legs and a butt that was not slipping down the back of my legs. I wanted to walk without seeing my legs jiggle. I wanted to wear jeans and a t-shirt and not have to hide a stomach roll when I sat down by crossing my arms over it. I wanted to abolish the muffin top that flopped out over the top of my pants.

I looked at those pictures every morning and every night to motivate me to continue the workout. I was committed to 90 days of getting myself to look like that, and to trim the fat and replace it with muscle and ultimately to feel better about myself. AND I DID IT. 90 days of the craziest, most intense workout gave me an incredible, sexy, strong, super-fit, no-jiggle body that I've wanted for years and years. I don't even recognize my own body sometimes in the mirror.

And the most amazing part is that I learned to love to workout. Mike Karpenko is my personal trainer in my living room. He pushes me to the brink sometimes and forces me to keep going. Whether by sheer will or guilt, I push through. It's a love/hate thing - I'm feeling the burn and the pain when I'm working out, but I love it because I like the moves, and I love the results. I can do full push-ups, and a lot of them. I can do so many squats I surprise myself. And I can punch and kick. I love how I feel when I finish a workout with Mike - soaked in sweat and exhausted but exhilarated by the energy I have, the way I look and how far I've come. I have accomplished a grueling hour of workout, for true results: the payoff is real!

I'm stronger, leaner and more fit than I ever have been in my life. I feel like I can do more - even simple things like lifting a heavy water bottle onto the dispenser...or playing football with my son, or hiking steep trails, or riding 30+ miles on my bike. I'm conditioned, I'm healthy, I'm fit, and I'm strong. It's a 180 degree turn. In 90 days. And as if that weren't enough, I look pretty good in a bikini.

Mike Mason
Mike Mason Tapout XT Success Story Video

Mike Mason

Lost 45 lbs in 90 days

age: 39

It's been more than 20 years since I was a competitive athlete in high school. In that time, I got married and then got fat. I would huff and puff going up even short flights of stairs, I had trouble sleeping, and my snoring and sleep apnea kept my wife awake. I knew it was time for a change, but what I saw for fitness options didn't excite me. Special equipment seemed like a gimmick and I couldn't picture myself sticking to one set of exercises for the long haul.

TapouT XT was my solution. A combination of killer moves and Mike Karpenko's infectious energy level kept me going day after day. I hit my goals so fast I had to set new ones almost immediately. These moves are like nothing you've seen before. You target muscles you never even knew you had, all the while building a foundation of stability and strength.

My favorite move is the Superman Powerup. Take a regular pushup, flatten it out, and add a power jump from the floor. BOOM. This isn't just an ab workout or a biceps ripper; it gives you the complete fitness and agility package.

At the end of 90 days, I didn't look like the elite athlete I was in high school, I looked MUCH better. When we shot the DVD, I was training next to real MMA legends, and I didn't feel at all out of place. These guys are all top contenders, serious athletes, and I was keeping pace with them and more. I'll be 40 in June and there I was busting out Plyo pushups note for note with Chris Lytle and Ryan Bader. It's a great feeling. You might not be chasing a championship belt, but you will look like you could after doing this stuff.

TapouT XT gave me the tools to push myself faster and farther than I thought I could go, with no weights or bulky equipment. A couple of resistance bands and my (rapidly diminishing) body weight and you are good to go. Mike Karpenko is the real deal. He will make you believe you can do anything. I've trained with other trainers, some really great people, and Mike K is the best by far. Mike Karpenko brings his enthusiasm and the most killer moves you have ever seen. You bring the sweat and you will see amazing results, fast.

Joel Tapout XT Success Story Video

Joel Cole

Lost 45 lbs

age: 34

I wish I would have found TapouT 10 years ago. The results are limitless. On day one I had to take a knee and take breaks and by day 90 I was under 200lbs for the first time since I was 22 years old. I lost 45 lbs with TapouT XT and I feel like I have rolled back the clock 10 years. TapouT XT transformed my body and my life.

Sam Schneider
Sam Schneider Tapout XT Success Story Video

Sam Schneider

Lost 18 lbs in 90 days

age: 25

No weights, no pull-ups, just your own body weight and the results speak for themselves. It is not easy, but it's worth it.

Kelly Tapout XT Success Story Video

Kelly McKendry

Lost 40.5 lbs

age: 38

I have tried so many different products, trainers, diets and this is the perfect combination. I am a mom who was desperate for an answer and TapouT XT was a game changer.

Susan Ortiz Tapout XT Success Story Video

Susan Ortiz

Lost 4.5 inches off waist

age: 41

With TapouT XT I am feeling sexy again, more confident and stronger all over for sure.

Delana Tapout XT Success Story Video

Delana Thompson

Lost 30 lbs in 90 days

age: 51

I am 51 years old and I lost 30lbs and 5 inches off my waist with TapouT XT.

Ann Tapout XT Success Story Video

Ann Rickhoff

Lost 17 lbs in 90 days

age: 38

I love learning how to fight, I love punching and kicking and I lost 17 lbs of fat and 4 inches around my belly button.

Carly Tapout XT Success Story Video

Carly Portalupi

Lost 13 inches all over

age: 29

With Tapout XT it only took 90 days and I got totally ripped and got the bikini body I had always wanted!